Batteries for UPS systems, battery cabinets, battery servicing, and many other products and services.

JOVYATLAS sells batteries from a wide range of leading manufacturers. At JOVYATLAS, we divide batteries into the following categories:

  • OPzS batteries

  • GroE batteries

  • OGi batteries

  • OGiV batteries

  • OPzV batteries

Battery servicing and maintenance

In addition to servicing and maintaining UPS systems, we also sell batteries and provide a battery maintenance service. Maintaining your batteries on a regular basis keeps them working smoothly and extends their service life. It also has a crucial role to play in keeping your UPS systems functioning reliably. We can provide battery maintenance services alongside our UPS servicing and maintenance solutions.

Battery cabinets / housings from JOVYATLAS

JOVYATLAS battery cabinets for UPS systems are renowned for their:

  • high mechanical load capacity
  • space-saving compact design
  • fast installation
  • outstanding protection against accidental contact
  • Drawers make it easy to access and install the batteries


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