For over seventy years, JOVYATLAS has supplied customers in the commercial and industrial sectors with reliable and customised energy systems for a wide range of applications


Our extensive portfolio includes UPS systems, inverters, rectifiers, frequency converters and resistors. We are committed to providing innovative solutions which are tailored to the needs of our customers. Our flexible approach allows is to put together the perfect technical solution for almost any requirement.

UPS system

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are used in almost every area of daily life. UPS systems play a vital role in providing protection against voltage peaks and power cuts. These systems are used whenever it is important to have a consistent, regular and constant supply of power, such as backup power supply systems.


JOVYATLAS has a long tradition of designing and manufacturing resistors, from load resistors through to earthing resistors, harmonic filter resistors, braking resistors and starting resistors.

Special equipment

Designing and manufacturing custom equipment is JOVYATLAS’ bread and butter. JOVYATLAS has established an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of custom equipment. JOVYATLAS is an expert partner for customers across the economy, from the maritime sector through to the military, renewable energy, mining, rail technology and industrial production and process automation. 

Batterie / battery cabinet

In addition to servicing and maintaining UPS systems, we also sell batteries and provide a battery maintenance service. Maintaining your batteries on a regular basis keeps them working smoothly and extends their service life. It also has a crucial role to play in keeping your UPS systems functioning reliably. We can provide battery maintenance services alongside our UPS servicing and maintenance solutions.

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