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Filter- and Brake Resistors

Filter Resistors
Braking Resistors

Brake and Filter Resistors made by JOVYATLAS

Braking Resistors JOVYLOAD BRAKE

Whenever it comes to convert power peaks of an electromechanical process into heat, brake resistors find their field. Braking resistors absorb energy of a motor drive and thus slow down the motor. The designs range from wire wounded resistors over steel grid resistors to compact resistor elements. In principle, all types of resistors from JOVYATLAS are suitable to be used as braking resistors. For smaller drives resistors from our Alpha-series or our JOVYLOAD WW – series are generally used. For larger drives our grid resistors type HWS or our EN series resistors are suitable.

Filter Resistors

Filter resistors are used to avoid network perturbations. Filtering or damping resistors absorb frequency harmonics originated by the mains frequency. The filter resistors are produced by JOVYATLAS on the basis of steel grid resistors. The required number of elements are assembled into one or more packets and compiled into one or more mounting frame.