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UPS Systems Type JOVYTEC PMS 6000

The JOVYTEC PMS 6000 UPS is a further development of our successful POWERMASTER S series with the models S 1001 - S 3002. The casing of these ups systems can be used both as floor stand housing and as 19-inch slide-in unit. The display of the UPS can be rotated 90° and is positioned according to the casing version (19-inch or floor stand housing). Redundant operation (half load parallel operation or n+1 -operation) or the increase in capacity are both possible by means of the parallel connection of a number of POWERMASTER S 6000 devices. The parallel connection allows an exchange of faulty systems without interruption in power supply to the load.

The JOVYTEC PMSS6000 units are characterised by the combination of this reliable technology with the 19-inch construction form. Due to their online dual converter technology, the UPS systems from this series meet the requirements for VFI-SS-111 classification. All JOVYTEC PMS systems are equipped with a so-called performance-related fan control and a power factor correction (PFC), which ensures sinusoidal power consumption. The output voltage of these ups systems is also sinusoidal.


You have the choice to select between four different operation modes via control / display panel:


Online Mode

Online Mode according to VFI-SS-111: With this type of operation, the device is permanently supplied with power by means of the inverter, which provides top-quality sinusoidal voltage. In the case of a mains failure, there is no interruption to the supply of power to the device.

Green Mode

In Green Mode operation, the device is normally only supplied via the bypass. However, if voltage fluctuations or a mains failure occur, the inverter will take over the supply to the device. Intelligent software ensures that the switchover takes place with nearly no interruption.

Freewheeling Mode

In Freewheeling Mode, the UPS system’s input frequency can fluctuate. Regardless of the input frequency - which can vary between 45 and 65 Hz - POWERMASTER systems constantly supply the device they are connected to with a predetermined output frequency.

Generator Mode

In Generator Mode, the POWERMASTER series systems prevent the regular switching when contortions occur in the generator’s output voltage. This mode of operation considerably reduces the load on the batteries. At the same time, a high degree of operational reliability is ensured.
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Input voltage:

230 V standard; further voltages on request

Input voltage range:     160 - 276 V (0 -100% load)

                                 140 - 159 V (0 - 70% load)

                                 120 - 139 V (0 - 40% load)

Input frequency:

50 Hz / 60 Hz ±3Hz

Output voltage:

230 V ±2% static (208 V, 220 V, 240 V adjustable via panel); further voltages on request

Output frequency:

50 Hz / 60 Hz (depends on  input frequency)


6000 VA



Battery Slot

Dimension [mm]





482 (19“)

133 (3 HE)



482 (19“)

133 (3 HE)


Weight [kg]:




Please find below the actual certificate for our UPS JOVYTEC PMS for downloading.


CE-Declaration of Conformity German / English



The price list is available on request.