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Stahlgitterwiderstand HWS

Steel Grid Resistors JOVYLOAD HWS


The stainless steel sheets of the steel-grid fixed resistors are die-cut in a meandering shape. This allows the realisation of exactly defined resistance values. Various cutting patterns or slits enable the realisation of different resistance values with equal size of elements. The continuous output power of the grid is 500 W. Spacing rollers between the grids provide for a parallel or serial connection of the individual resistance elements. 


 All resistance elements from JOVYATLAS are distinguished by their robust construction.

We offer a choice between resistors from normal stainless steel or from a special alloy.

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Stahlgitterwiderstand HWS

Steel Grid Resistors JOVYATLAS HWS


Resistor Material:                              Stainless Steel 1.4016

Temperature Coefficient:                     9,1 % / 100 K

Cooling     :                                       naturally


All elements are isolation tested
Easy and fast connection of the resistor elements
High quality standard

The price list is available on request.