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Load Resistors made by JOVYATLAS

JOVYATLAS offers load resistors designed as a mobile solution or as a container system. Whether you need a small load resistor like our mobile and handy load bank type "JOVYLOAD SMALL" or a load resistor with high power rates up to several megawatts: JOVYATLAS provides the individual solution for almost any application to you.


Load Resistors made by JOVYATLAS are custom made and designed to you individual needs. Do you need a load resistor for battery tests or for the inspection of transformers, generators or diverse power supplies? JOVYATLAS will be ready to help you.


Load Resistors individually manufatured by JOVYATLAS - customized, reliable, economical

With Load Resistors made by JOVYATLAS power rates up to several megawatt can be realized even in continuous operation. The custom built resistors can be equipped with any stage circuit, control or measurement.


JOVYATLAS offers rental load resistors.

For example, the lendable load resistors PLM 500 offers a mobile and flexible solution for load tests with power ranges from 100 kW up to 1 MW. By that way you can resort to high quality of JOVYATLAS load resistors in case of urgent needs for a limited time.