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Jovystar delta


Accessories for UPS Systems

There are various accessories for Wärtsilä JOVYATLAS UPS Systems available. According to the special requirements a combination of various options are possible. Please feel free to contact our customer consultants – we will be happy to develop your customized solution adapted to your special requirements. We’ll give you advice for detailed information about relay boards,  SNMP adapters, software and various configuration possibilities and licenses.  

Basis-Design/reddotbild.png External Manual Bypass Basis-Design/reddotbild.png UPS-Software JUMP
Basis-Design/reddotbild.png Battery Monitoring Systems Basis-Design/reddotbild.png Remote Control Systems
Basis-Design/reddotbild.png SNMP-Adapter Basis-Design/reddotbild.png MODBUS-Adapter
Basis-Design/reddotbild.png PROFIBUS-Adapter    
Basis-Design/reddotbild.png Relay Board