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Jovyatlas Landanschlussumformer

Global Power Converter JOVYPHASE GPC


All over the globe there are diverse mains voltages and frequencies. Owners of yachts are particularly affected by this problem whilst port lay days. An on-board electrical system designed for the European standards cannot be connected to the grid in the USA and vice versa. This incompatibility of on-board and port (local) networks means that even in port the yacht has to be supplied by the on-board generator - a loud and expensive necessity causing pollution problems and particle discharge as well as noise and vibration. The GPC shore power converter automatically adjusts the onshore grid to the on-board system and allows a seamless transfer to the shore connection.

The global power converter JOVYPHASE GPC is designed as a static converter using state of the art IGBT technology. Its input contains a rectifier system, which automatically detects the on-shore mains voltage and frequency and adjusts the transformer to those conditions. The rectifier supplies the IGBT inverter, which turns the DC- voltage into a three-phase network with low distortion factor. The consumer on board receives a high-quality, fault-free power supply. The double power conversion blocks out any faults from the shore network. A battery buffer to increase the supply stability is available as an option. Systems with a redundant or cascade design can also be supplied. JOVYATLAS offers shore power converters type GPC as an onboard solution or as 20” or 40” container system for port side installation. The power range starts from 60 kVA up to 1.5 MW.

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Input voltage:

3 x 260 - 458V without transformer

Output voltage:

allcommon on-board voltages

Input frequency:

30 Hz - 70 Hz

Output frequency:

50 or 60 Hz

Input power factor: PFC ~ PF1
Operation mode:

permanent conversion / online mode


Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, DNVGL, e.g.