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Jovyatlas JST

Static Frequency Converter JOVYPHASE JST


Frequency converters of the type series JOVYPHASE JST are available with the power ranges of 10 and 20 kVA with single-phase output and for power ranges of 10 up to 600 kVA with three-phase output. As standard products we offer systems of these series with frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz, customised versions, however, are feasible. The robust mechanical version allows application also under difficult operational conditions. In addition to an excellent sine wave the systems of this type show optimal control characteristics even in the event of a 100% load change. The intelligent control of the system with integrated microprocessor and newest digital technology enable an early malfunction detection and high interference reliability. The IGBT technology of the power amplifier provides high efficiency of the systems of up to 92 % to 96%.

Frequency converters of the JOVYPHASE JST series are online systems with double converter technology. They dispose of a PFC rectifier as control module, which ensures an excellent single-phase voltage control and guarantees the full functioning of the device even in the event of extremely unbalanced load. The systems dispose of a RS-232 interface for monitoring as well as a RS-485 interface for parallel remote display.

All devices of the type series JOVYPHASE JST meet the Europe-wide standards for system perturbation, radio interference suppression and EMC.

The clearly laid out control panel allows simple operation of the systems and the easy setting of all displays and operating conditions via a menu-driven display. The comfortable text display indicates measuring values, alerts and status messages via LCD monitor.

The frequency converters are designed to be easy to service: all main structural components are accessible at the front with only a few moves.

The output voltages can be set by the user as needed via display, therefore the frequency converters of JOVYPHASE JST are the optimal solution for test laboratories with frequently changing voltage and frequency requirements.

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Voltage input: 3 x 400/230VAC
Voltage output:
max 1 x 250 V 1-phase
max.3 x 440 V 3-phase
 Frequency output: 50Hz, 60Hz and 400Hz
 Power output: 10kVA up to 600kVA
Harmonic distortion: <5%
Efficiency: >92%
Further parameters available


The price list is available on request.