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Frequency Converter JOVYPHASE 400

Static frequency converter with excellent single-phase voltage control

The frequency converters of the JOVYPHASE 400 series are equipped with a 6-pulse rectifier bridge, inrush current limiting and with LC filtering. The inverters of these series are based on PWM technology. The excellent single-phase voltage control ensures full functioning of the device also with extreme unbalanced load. Static frequency converters of the type series JOVYPHASE 400 are manufactured by default with the frequencies 50, 60, 200, 380 and 400 Hz. Other frequencies are available optionally on request.


The frequency converters of these type series are available in industrial-cabinet design as well as in 19-inch design. The industrial-cabinet system covers the performance ranges of 10 up to 200 kVA; in the 19-inch version the frequency converters are available with performances of 1,5 up to max. 5 kVA. Both versions are available with single-phase as well as with three-phase outputs.

The robust mechanic version enables application also under difficult operational conditions. In addition to an excellent sinusoidal value the systems of this type show an optimal control performance, even in the event of a 100% load change. A comfortable monitoring and diagnosis system provides all necessary information about the operational status of the system.

In the standard version the frequency converters of these series are equipped with an ON/OFF button, failure lamp, operating hours meter as well as a voltmeter and an ammeter for the output data. A variety of options are available, e.g. radio interference suppression according to specification, over voltage and low voltage indicator, remote control, controlled input rectifier, additional potential-free signalling contacts or higher protection classes. The interpretation of electric data can be configured customer-specifically, also the dimensions of housings and colours.

It is self-explanatory that the frequency converters of the JOVYPHASE 400 meet the applicable Europe-wide standards for system perturbation, radio interference suppression and EMC.

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Input Voltage: 3 x 400/230VAC  
Output Voltage: 3 x 400/230VAC  
Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz and 400Hz
Power: 1,5kVA up to 5kVA  
Further parameters on request