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    JOVYATLAS Wechselrichter HPI

Inverter JOVYPHASE HPI mono and delta


Inverters of the JOVYPHASE HPI series are extremely suitable for power supply of critical consumers with single-phase or three-phase connection. The very robust systems are especially used in communication facilities, but also for special applications and under extreme environmental conditions, e.g. on offshore platforms.



The power supply of the inverter ensured via 110 V or 220 V battery. The power supply is also possible via rectifier. The consumers can be supplied optionally by DC source primarily or by bypass- supply. The priority grid is freely selectable by customer.



A pulse width modulated IGBT inverter, a static as well as manual bypass and a self-diagnosis system are significant parts of the JOVYPHASE HPI mono / delta system. All for the functioning important messages are clearly visualised on the front door via LCD display. The static bypass ensures automatic change to the grid in the event of an inverter failure or overload. During maintenance or repair the device can be bridged via manual bypass in order to continue the supply of the consumers. The transfer to manual or static bypass and back is ensured by rapid switching thyristors; an isolation transformer is located in the output of the inverter. The integrated self-diagnosis system guarantees high reliability and easy servicing. Via special (optional) software it is possible to execute a remote diagnosis, if needed.



The operating panel of the JOVYPHASE HPI systems allow simple operation. The menu-driven program guides smoothly to all display and operation functions of the system. Via a comfortable text display all measurement values, alerts and status messages are indicated. LED displays ensure that the status of the inverter can be assessed at a glance.

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Input Voltage:

110 VDC or 220 VDC

further voltages on request

Output Voltage:

HPI mono: 115 VAC, 230 VAC or 400 VAC

HPI delta: 3 x 200 / 115 VAC or 3 x 400/230 VAC

Input Frequency:

50 Hz, 60 Hz ±4 %


Output Power:

HPI mono: 5 - 50 kVA

HPI delta: 5 - 100 kVA




The price list is available on request.