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Frequency Converters made by JOVYATLAS

For the conversion of existing network frequencies JOVYATLAS provides frequency converters in compact design with output frequencies of 50, 60, 200, 300 and 400 Hz. Frequency converters made by JOVYATLAS convince besides their high efficiency with low operating costs and comfortable monitoring and diagnostic systems. As with all our products, we also offer the customized manufacturing of frequency converters according to the customers requirements.

All frequency converters produced by JOVYATLAS are designed for continuous operation and provide a very high reliability.
In addition to high efficiency and low noise, the frequency converters of our series JOVYPHASE JST and JOVYPHASE 400 can also be connected in parallel.

Static frequency converters type JOVYPHASE JST offer a power range from 10-400 kVA.

Frequency converters made by JOVYATLAS are often used to supply communications equipment. Even as an emergency power supply for sensitive AC loads for example in power plants, factories, etc. our frequency converters are in reliable operation worldwide.