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Single Cell Treatment Rectifier

Single Cell Treatment Rectifier JOVYREC HC16ACT

Systems of the type JOVYREC HC16ACT are utilised to regenerate and to maintain battery cells. The device can be used as battery charger as well as line-commutated inverter for controlled battery discharge. During discharge the device functions as line-commutated inverter feeding the energy of the battery economically back into the public grid. The systems are extraordinarily suitable to maintain lead and nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries with large capacitance such as drive batteries used in the military sector.

With the JOVYREC HC16ACT either periodical necessary gas charge of a back-up battery or formatting of cell elements of a drive battery can be performed. Here the necessary discharge of battery cells with constant current occurs automatically. For this purpose all battery specific characteristics can be variably programmed. Up to three single cells can be discharged and charged with the single-cell treatment unit JOVYREC HC16ACT. Battery cells, which have lost or can no longer reach their capacity, can be regenerated with this device. Via integrated digitised monitoring electronics fully automatic charge and discharge cycles can be programmed and stored. Due to the automatic mode the implementation of these programs can be performed without monitoring operating personnel.

The single-cell treatment units of JOVYREC HC16ACT are CPU-controlled. All for the control and monitoring of the system necessary measurement values are indicated as status and error messages on the operating and display panel. Digitisation allows the values to be set with absolute precision. The systems are equipped with four-line LCD monitor each with 20 characters per line. The programming of the characteristics is therefore considerably simplified. Up to 9 charge and discharge characteristics can be stored and attached.

All systems of the type JOVYREC HC16ACT are manufactured according to customers’ application and specification. Significant feature of the system is a fully controlled Thyristor bridge in B6C circuit with power regenerating equipment (standard). A B12C circuit is available as well (optional). Here particular attention is given to the quality of the DC voltage and high control precision. The extreme low residual ripple of the DC voltage and the high control precision ensure a gentle and reactivating charging of the battery according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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Input Voltage:

3 x 400 V … 440 V

Input Frequancy:

50 / 60 Hz

Charging Characteristic:

Ia, IUa, IUIa-cycles

Discharging Characteristic:

Ia, Pa, constant

Battery Loading Voltages:

0 - 9 V programmable / 0-28 V


max. 100/150/200 A (0-100 % selectable)