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PFC Rectifier Type Wärtsilä JOVYREC GRP



For DC power supplies in the middle and upper performance classes, devices with thyristor semiconductors have so far dominated the market. The biggest disadvantage of these devices is the strong harmonic load on the network. Additionally there is a high reactive power load, which depends upon the phase angle of the thyristors. The performance factor (cosφ) thyristor-controlled rectifier can amount to values from 0.6 to 0.9, depending on the phase angle. Our new generation of rectifiers, the JOVYREC GRP series (Rectifier PFC controlled), is produced using IGBT technology. It complies with the European IEC1000-3 part 12 standard, in which devices with an input current >16 ≤75 A are defined. In the GRP rectifiers, the harmonic load falls to ≤5% and the cosφ reaches 0.99. The rectifiers have a good control dynamic as well as a low ripple factor and therefore are ideal for the use as supply rectifiers, charging devices or DC-UPS systems. In general, rectifiers of this type are used for output-rated currents of 110 V, 220 V and 440 VDC. The devices possess an input transformer for galvanic isolation and are installed in Rittal enclosure technology. An operation and display panel enables comfortable use. The power range described in IEC1000-3 Part 12 is currently around 10-50 KW.

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Input Voltage: 3 x 400 V +-10 %

50/60 Hz +-5%

Output Power

10    ...   50 kW

Output Voltages

110 V, 220 V, 440 V

Output Currents

100 A, 125 A, 160 a, 200 A

Total Harmonic Distortions (THDI)  <= 5% at100% load
Efficiency 0,99 at nominal load