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6 Pulse / 12 Pulse Thyristor Rectifier


JOVYATLAS supplies thyristor rectifiers for diverse requirements and applications. Whether it is a matter of high environmental temperatures or shock and vibration, we can adapt to your specific requirements.

Thyristor rectifiers of the type JOVYREC THYRIDIN offer an optimal solution for DC power supply of consumers with high performance values. The integrated digital thyristor rectifier control meets the highest requirements of modern and secure power supply. Thanks to these diverse options the devices can be adjusted to the respective application. The performance values can be designed according to customers’ specifications. Performance increase is feasible via parallel operation of maximum three devices.

In the rectifiers of the JOVYREC THYRIDIN generally rectifier bridges in B6C circuits are applied. Optionally also rectifiers with fully controlled 12-pulse rectifier bridges can be provided for specific applications. The control board AT90 is the heart of the thyristor control, an AVR microcontroller with ISP flash and CAN controller. All control and signal interfaces important for rectifier operation as well as a RS 232 interface for the connection of an external computer are made available on the controller board.
The LCD panel of JOVYREC THYRIDIN rectifiers enable simple setting of all measurement values. All operating parameters are clearly and user-friendly indicated. Additionally various warn and fault messages as well as battery operation are notified via LEDs. As a standard the following messages are available via potential-free contacts and LED messages: collective alarm, battery operation, battery under voltage, rectifier on, battery operation. Optionally a series of additional messages and monitoring via additional LEDs or relay cards are feasible, e.g. manual switch to emergency operation, manual temperature adjustment via panel, compensation of voltage drop in the load line, parallel operation for performance increase up to maximum three devices etc. We gladly advise you about the multiple options.
JOVYATLAS provides thyristor rectifiers of the type JOVYREC THYRIDIN for most diverse requirements and applications. Whether applications under increased ambient temperatures, shock or vibration stresses – we gladly respond to the specific requirements of our customers.

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Voltage input: 6 x 400V / 230V(standard – other voltage values optional)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz ± 5%
Nominal Power: Variable power values – each power value is possible
Operation via display: Parameter adjustable via display

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