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Getaktete Gleichrichter - SRM 320

Switched-Mode Rectifier



Switched-mode rectifiers of the type JOVYREC SRM 320 are available with nominal voltage of 24V and 48 V and expandable by means of their modular design up to 320 A (24V) and 168 A (48V). The individual compact rectifier modules with a capacity of 1 kW per module are equipped with active PFC (power factor control). This modern technology achieves a performance factor of 0.98 and reduces hereby the circuit feedback to a minimum. A superordinate monitoring unit, via which the input voltage as well as the output voltage can be adjusted, is available to control the individual rectifier modules. Via this control unit all parameter of the modules can be monitored during operation. In case of critical temperatures automatic shutdown of the concerned module takes place. The housings of the JOVYREC SRM320 rectifiers are used as floor standing or wall mounted enclosures. For easy connecting, for expanding the system or in the event of a service intervention the rear panel of the housing can be opened, in this way all connections are accessible from the rear.  

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Input voltage

3 x 400/230 V -50% + 10% 47-63 Hz

Output voltage

24 V / 48 V

Output current

221 up to 320 A


24 V = 86 % 48 V = 88 %

Operation in parallel

up to 8 modules

Charging characteristic

I/U according to DIN 41773/1


The price list is available on request.