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Battery Monitoring Systems:

Battery Symmetry (BASYM) and BACS


To ensure perfect functioning of UPS Systems, monitoring of battery systems is imperative. The battery symmetry monitor developed by Wärtsilä JOVYATLAS is a simple and economical solution for monitoring battery systems. The standard software of the UPS Systems initiates a battery test automatically or manually. However, this battery test can only provide limited information about the battery status. The optionally available battery symmetry monitoring systems from Wärtsilä JOVYATLAS enable differentiated and comprehensive diagnoses. In addition to total voltage, the midpoint of the battery circuit is monitored via the battery symmetry monitoring. If a battery cell is defective, the midpoint shifts and an alarm is triggered. In addition to monitoring battery symmetry, each individual battery block (per BACS module) can also be monitored. These BACS modules are connected with each battery and monitor the individual block voltages and block temperatures. The BACS modules ensure uniform block voltage in a battery circuit and consequently increase the operating life of batteries substantially.


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