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Modular UPS System JOVYCUBE


Systems of our UPS series JOVYCUBE are based on a 20 kVA UPS module and provide flexible power supply solutions from 20 kVA up to 640 kVA. The three available cabinet types JOVYCUBE 60, 160 and JOVYCUBE 200 can accommodate a different number of modules, each 20 kVA. Through various combinations and parallel connection of the cabinets it's possible to achieve totally flexible power solutions from 20 kVA - 640 kVA.

The ups modules impress by efficient power control, dynamic transitions without switching and a high efficiency of 96% . The UPS system can operate single-phased or three-phased. AC input and AC output frequency are independent of each other. A permanent power saving mode ensures optimal efficiency.


The JOVYCUBE modules have an extensive battery management with dynamic load control available.



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input voltage: 3 x 380/220 VAC +N, 3 x 400/230 VAC + N, 3 x 415/240 VAC + N
output voltage: 3 x 380/220 VAC +N, 3 x 400/230 VAC + N, 3 x 415/240 VAC + N
output frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
power: 20 kVA - 640 kVA
power factor:
>0.99 (25% up to 100% load)
efficiency AC - AC:
96 % at full load
efficiency DC - AC: 97 % at full load


Please find below the declaration of comformity for UPS-Systems out of the JOVYCUBE (standard) range.


CE-Declaration of Conformity - German / English



The price list is available on request.