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Lamp Rectifiers JOVYREC PL


Lamp rectifiers of the JOVYREC PL series were developed for xenon- or mercury vapour discharge lamps with a capacity of approx. 6 to 30 kW. Depending on the type the lamp is operated with constant power or constant current. The lamp rectifiers dispose of a luminous flux control especially developed for the behaviour of discharge lamps, controlling the natural luminous flux fluctuations of the lamp down to approx. 0,1 %. This leads to a significantly improved light flux stability of the discharge lamp. It also preserves the life cycle of the lamp considerably.

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Input  voltage:

3 x 400 V / 230 V ±10%

Input frequency:

45 up to 65 Hz

Max. burning voltage (output):

60 V

Booster voltage:

100 V