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Rohrwiderstand PT1000

Tube Resistors JOVYLOAD WW


Resistors of the type JOVYLOAD WW are wound wire resistors of copper nickel CuNi44 on a ceramic tube. The housing is made of galvanised sheet steel. Connecting cables, terminal boxes or adjustable clips are optional items. The temperature rise during operation is calculated with the help of a simulation model in order to be able to adjust the resistance series optimally to the impulse load. This enables us to define optimally the resistance for any impulse shape required by our customers. For higher loads further tube resistors modules can be combined resulting in manifold application options for PT-Resistors. The JOVYLOAD WW series allows an ideal customer-oriented solution for any application even for smaller quantities.

Advantages of the JOVYLOAD WW resistors in brief:


Capable of high pulse loads


Low temperature coefficient

Basis-Design/reddotbild.png Overload-proof for short periods Basis-Design/reddotbild.png

Adjustable pickup speeds

Basis-Design/reddotbild.png Galvanized casing Basis-Design/reddotbild.png

Protection class IP 00 / IP 20



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Ceramic Ø 16/30/40/60 mm,  Pryrostat C511
Resistance wire Ø 0,1 - 3,3 mm, CuNi44 /CrNi30/20
Housing: side elements - steel, galvanised
Protection grid: steel, galvanised
Wiring: silicone-insulated
Resistance tolerance: standard ±10%

The price list is available on request.