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Handlastbank JHL 15


Portable Load Bank up to 30 kW 

Test Resistor up to 30 kW for flexible service assignments

With the load bank JOVYLOAD HANDY we offer a load resistor that our service technicians have tested successfully on-site with our customers over many years. These handy load banks are available with performance ranges of 11.8 up to 30 kW and can be used for DC or AC voltages up to 400 V AC / DC.
The portable load bank JOVYLOAD HANDY is user-friendly and safe to handle. The connections are touch-safe. The switch-on is protected via circuit breaker simultaneously serving as overheat protection.  A power supply cable is included in the scope of delivery. If required, a secure cable for load testing is available. This cable is double insulated so as to achieve a higher short-circuit safety. The plugs of the cable are touch-safe.
The centrally positioned fold-down handle of the JOVYLOAD HANDY enables one-handed carrying of the load bank. Two stable supporting legs can be used as additional carrying handles. The supporting legs guarantee permanent aeration to the three integrated fans providing an accelerated ventilation of the resistor elements. In horizontal position the load banks can be infinitely used, in vertical position the load banks up can be used up to 1 hour with full load.
Our customised solutions enable us to respond to special customer requirements additionally to our standard solutions. We gladly offer special colours, laser-cut company names or specific technical features. On request we also provide pick-up for 12 V / 12 A.

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Connection Voltage:

400 V  AC/DC ± 5%

Auxiliary Voltage:

230 V, 50/60 Hz

Total Power Output:

11,8 - 30 kW at 400 V AC/DC

Resistance Tolerance:

R warm R cold    ≤ 10 %

Load Connection:

via cable set with safety plug 6 mm/ load-side open ends

Operation Mode:

continuous operation in horizontal position  in vertical position: 1 hour

Protection Class:

IP 20



The price list is available on request.