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UPS Systems of JOVYTEC PNT series were developed especially for maritime use for protection from all mains interruptions on yachts and passenger ships. UPS Systems out of this range are suitable for power ranges vrom 1 - 2 kVA. The JOVYTEC PNT UPS systems with 1 kVA, 1.5 kVA and 2 kVA have a type examination of the DNVGL and of the Bureau Veritas and meet the following standards: product standard IEC / EN 60945 as well as the IACS Type Test, specification E10.

With their online double conversion technology all UPS systems of these series fulfil the requirements of the highest protection class VFI-SS-111. The UPS systems have a diagnosis test system, which is activated at each start of the UPS system via a power related ventilation control and via an active power factor correction control (PFC = Power Factor Correction) ensuring a sinusoidal current consumption. UPS systems of the JOVYTEC PNT series supply the connected consumer equipment consistently with a rigidly defined frequency. The input frequency can vary between 45 and 65 Hz. A clearly organised and user-friendly operation and display panel allows choosing between the following operating modes: online mode, green mode, free-spin mode and generator mode. In the online mode according to VFI-SS-111 the consumer is supplied permanently via the inverter. The inverter provides a sinusoidal voltage of highest quality. For the consumers no interruption of supply occurs in case of a grid failure. The batteries of the JOVYTEC PNT systems can easily be exchanged at the front side of the unit – with very little effort the complete battery cassette can be replaced during running operation.

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Input Voltage:

268 - 276 V

Input Frequency:

50 Hz ±3%

Output Voltage:

208 V, 220 V, 230 V, 240 V (choosable)

Output Frequency:

Automatical adjustment by the UPS System


1000 VA
700 W

1500 VA

1050 W

2000 VA
1400 W


Power Factor:



100 - 125 % for 60 sec / 125 - 150% for 10 sec

Efficiency AC/ AC:

88 - 98 % (depending on operation mode)


VFI-SS-111 acc. IEC 62040-3



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Please see below for the current certificates for our UPS Systems JOVYTEC PNT:


DownloadType Approval Certificate DNVGL JOVYTEC PNT

DownloadCE-Compliance Declaration



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