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UPS systems for frigates, special military systems for submarine ports, charging containers and mobile load resistors


JOVYATLAS has also established a reputation as a reliable and expert partner to the military sector. Our key products in this field are rectifier systems for all common submarine types, and charging/discharging containers for submarine batteries. But we also supply many of NATO's navies with our ConPower large mobile load resistors. JOVYATLAS offers a number of rectifiers with thyristor technology specially for submarine power supplies, which are configured for different submarine types and can perform a wide variety of functions both onshore and onboard.


The THYRIDIN-HC16 ps shore connection rectifier (ps = power supply) for example, has been specially developed for supplying conventional diesel-powered submarines with external DC power. The THYRIDIN ps microprocessor-controlled rectifier makes it possible to supply conventional submarines with onshore DC voltage. JOVYATLAS has already installed numerous external submarine power supplies around the world using the THYRIDIN-HC16 ps. Given different submarine types as well as highly diverse requirements and conditions, systems from the THYRIDIN-HC16 ps range are always modified and manufactured according to customer requirements.


By contrast, the THYRIDIN-HC16 charger rectifier is used for the controlled charge and discharge of submarine batteries. Higher power ranges are not an issue – we have already installed numerous systems with outputs of up to 3 MW. The THYRIDIN-HC16 charger works as a charging rectifier during charging and as a line-commutated inverter when the battery is discharged. It can be programmed to automate charging processes. At the same time it can be used as a constant electrical load for discharging batteries. The charge drawn when discharging the batteries can be fed back into the mains, thus saving on energy costs.


The THYRIDIN-HC16 act (act = activator) provides reliable service on board submarines. It is used for battery cell care and regeneration. The system can be used both as a battery charger and as a mains-operated inverter to discharge them. During discharging it functions as a mains-operated inverter which very economically feeds battery power back into the public electricity network. The THYRIDIN-HC16 act is particularly suited to maintaining high-capacity lead and nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries which are used as traction batteries in the military, for example. It can be used for both gas-charging a back-up battery, which is occasionally required, and for formatting the part-cells of a traction battery.


Wärtsilä EUROATLAS Bremen also manufactures other energy systems for military use. For more information, visit the website for our Bremen site at