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JOVYATLAS manufactures AC and DC power supplies for the oil and gas industry, the petrochemical industry and other industrial applications.


Industrial power use differs from business requirements where offices are the main environment. The diversity of requirements and areas of application in industry demands specially designed UPS and power supply systems, and means that systems have to be developed or adapted for customer requirements. Industrial energy systems need to be custom-built for the predominant conditions, whether it be variations in ambient temperature, higher or lower humidity levels, or shock and vibration stresses. JOVYATLAS has carved out a leading reputation in producing reliable industrial power supplies to customer specifications. Our engineers take your particular needs and requirements into account and produce a suitable, professional, tailored solution. We design industrial power supply systems around the customer. In other words, you can have your UPS system or AC/DC power supply custom-made. What's more, you can specify the integration of additional distribution boards or DC power supplies, cabinet types, colours, space for additional installations, and many more equipment features. And of course, we provide an extensive range of options for connecting these tailor-made systems to computer equipments or a control centre.


Our industrial UPS models are all based on the tried and tested technology of our JOVYSTAR range. For the 10–40 kVA power range we use the industrie plus series, while higher requirements of 40–150 kVA are covered by JOVYSTAR industrie delta systems. All our industrial UPS systems are designed with easy servicing in mind, so all the key components can be replaced with the minimum of work. JOVYATLAS UPS systems bridge outages, filter detrimental voltage disturbances and balance out voltage and frequency fluctuations.


JOVYATLAS' industrial UPS systems protect against automated process failures and prevent downtime on assembly or production lines.