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Reliable emergency power supplies for power plants or substations, with JOVYATLAS inverters.


UGV systems (DC UPS systems) are often used in substations, power plants and the oil and gas industry to protect high-output electrical DC consumers from the consequences of outages. These uninterruptible DC power supplies consist of a thyristor-controlled rectifier with parallel-connected batteries. Lead or nickel-cadmium batteries can be used for energy storage.

JOVYATLAS also exports devices worldwide with differing mains voltage inputs and likewise, can provide for any common output voltage.

JOVYATLAS manufactures inverters for supplying power to a diverse range of single- or three-phase consumers. In particular these are used as emergency power supplies for sensitive AC consumers in power plants. They are also deployed in large wind turbines both on and offshore.

Besides inverters we supply a range of frequency converters that provide optimal solutions for converting existing grid frequencies to customer-specific requirements.


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