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Sideheader power supply for hospitals and laboratories

Reliable power supply systems for hospitals and laboratories, with JOVYATLAS ups systems


Particularly high demands are made of the electricity supply in hospital rooms used for medical purposes, because a power outage can jeopardise the health or even the lives of patients. For over 40 years JOVYATLAS has been developing, producing and delivering power supply systems for hospitals which these days are referred to as BBPS systems.


BBPSs are static, battery-backed, central power supply systems for the reliable supply of consumer loads in areas used for medical purposes in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-710. JOVYATLAS BBPSs provide an optimally secure supply for equipment and systems in the medical sector, e.g. in operating theatres, intensive care units and medical practices. With many years of experience behind us we are skilled in working with hospital technical staff as well as engineering consultancies with planning responsibility. Numerous hospitals in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg place their trust in the quality of our products.

The BSV-107 BBPS series from JOVYATLAS meets all the requirements of VDE 0558-507 for the electrical supply of “Group 2” rooms used for medical purposes (theatres, theatre prep rooms, recovery rooms and ICUs).

All JOVYATLAS BBPS systems are specifically made for each order and tailored to individual customer requirements, with numerous options available.

JOVYATLAS is a preferred supplier to Siemens Healthcare for UPS systems and BBPSs for powering CT and MRT systems worldwide.


And of course, we provide custom advice and dependable 24-hour service.