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JOVYATLAS develops and manufactures customized resistors for diverse applications in rail transportation for over 50 years. Among others were realized: railway resistors for the 481 S-Bahn Berlin, resistors for the Transrapid, acceptance according to the DB inspection certificate, level ET II APZ 3.1B. To meet the numerous environmental requirements for railway resistors JOVYATLAS is using the latest computer simulation programs during production process and cooperates with various universities for the purpose of developing new technologies.

JOVYATLAS provides reliable power systems for rail transport, UPS systems for control stations, braking resistors for trains, and more.


The production of our railway resistors is done using the most modern methods and high quality standards. Of course, our company is certified according to ISO 9001. In order to realize different output sizes and characteristics, we use different types of resistances as basic building blocks that vary by different punch patterns, lengths and thicknesses according to individual requirements.


JOVYATLAS offers individual consultation.