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JOVYATLAS has a range of UPS products specifically designed to meet the demands of the maritime industry. Our products are compact and efficient as well as meeting Marine Classification requirements. We have shipped thousands of UPS’s for smaller, stand-alone and distributed applications as well as large centralised systems typically specified on passenger carrying vessels. We have a range of products to suit equipment suppliers, shipyards, owners and operators for all types of vessel – Merchant, Cruise, Ferry, Specialised and Offshore.


Special-UPS Systems for all types of vessel


Typical Applications:

• Navigation and Communication

• Automation & Monitoring Systems

• Controls – propulsion & other

• Safety Systems

• Large Centralised or Small distributed UPS systems.


We are able to provide and support UPS solutions on individual equipment, vessels or fleet wide for new build or refit/update.


Individual guidance and a reliable 24/7 service.