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Whether your business is shipbuilding, data centres, on- and offshore renewable energy, mining, railway technology, industrial manufacturing and process automation or the military sector: Contact JOVYATLAS for expertise in UPS systems, frequency converters, rectifiers, inverters, resistors and much more.


JOVYATLAS has earned global recognition in the field of special equipment through customized manufacturing and high levels of flexibility.


Our products cover the requirements of many different markets and niches. For seven decades, JOVYATLAS has been providing reliable energy systems for a highly diverse range of business and industry applications.


As a manufacturer of UPS systems, rectifiers and inverters, frequency converters and resistors, JOVYATLAS has the right solution for almost any challenge: on- or offshore, in industry, shipbuilding, rail transport, data centres, wind energy – the list goes on.


Key products for these markets include special UPS systems e.g. for ships, hospitals, data centres or industrial facilities, charging rectifiers or charging containers for submarine batteries, inverters, shore power converters for yachts and ships plus resistors for rail transport or wind turbines, and much more. Particularly high demands are made of the electricity supply in hospital rooms used for medical purposes, because a power outage can jeopardise the health or even the lives of patients.


For over 40 years JOVYATLAS has been developing, producing and delivering power supply systems for hospitals which these days are referred to as BBPS systems. BBPSs are static, battery-backed, central power supply systems for the reliable supply of consumer loads in areas used for medical purposes in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-710.


JOVYATLAS products are also represented in the global renewable energy sector, in on and offshore wind turbines. Biogas systems are yet another of our markets, where our patented energy converters transform the excess energy produced.JOVYATLAS is a leading supplier of high-efficiency power supply solutions for reliable system operation in industry, data centres, information and telecommunications facilities, office buildings and many other fields. Given the increasing global demand for energy alongside limited natural resources,JOVYATLAS has increased its investment in developing energy-efficient power supply systems in recent years. Our key mission in doing so is to increase the efficiency of our systems and reduce power losses.


Our key products for the maritime sector are high-efficiency UPS systems for ships, but rectifier systems for yachts or charging systems for submarines are also among our popular core products. In addition we supply a wide-range of customised UPS systems to business and industry for reliable protection against production stoppages or equipment damage caused by outages or poor power quality. Major energy suppliers and data centres rely on JOVYATLAS technology. And our service offering would not be complete without custom advice and dependable 24-hour service.


JOVYATLAS is the right partner for your business – read on to find out more about our extensive product and service range – we're confident that you'll be impressed!