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Lastbank fuer Pulsbetrieb - T-Load

Load Banks for Pulse Operation



The demand of microprocessor-controlled resistance load banks suitable for pulse operation has increased steadily during recent years. The term pulse load describes loads that can be switched on and off in a very short time. Conventional switches such as contactors and relays are not suitable for such operating conditions. The systems of these series are therefore equipped with advanced IGBT technology. All Wärtsilä JOVYLOAD PULSE units operate as DC load. They can optionally be equipped with a rectifier so that they can be connected to AC loads too. Further customer-specific adaptations for various applications are feasible of course. The load build-ups are realised with our proven steel-grid resistors of the HWS and SPR series as well as with our resistance modules of the type series MPR. All used resistance elements are extremely strong and robust. They are produced from stainless steel sheets, the composition of which is based on a recipe created especially for Wärtsilä JOVYATLAS.

In order to perform load changes quickly and without any loss, we have developed ‘intelligent’ electronics for the Wärtsilä JOVYLOAD PULSE. By opening or closing of MOSFET power semiconductors via an interface the load to the test sample is raised or lowered respectively by a fixed amount. A MOSFET power semiconductor switches virtually loss-free and is therefore in the position to perform many shift operations in short time. Conventional power switches reach their limits here. Load banks of the Wärtsilä JOVYLOAD PULSE series can be integrated ideally into computer-controlled test stands and existing computer systems.

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Dimensions W x H x D  [mm]

Wärtsilä JOVYLOAD PULSE 60 kW:

1800 x 2200 x 810 mm


Wärtsilä JOVYLOAD PULSE 120 kW:
2400 x 2200 x 810 mm


Wärtsilä JOVYLOAD PULSE 180 kW: 

3000 x 2200 x 810 mm


Wärtsilä JOVYLOAD PULSE 240 kW:

4200 x 2200 x 810 mm


Input Voltage

3 x 400 V / N ±10 %


50 Hz ± 5%



Operation Mode

continuos operation

Protection Degree

IP 20

  • all signals on one  terminal strip
  • load: steel grid resistors
  • lossfree switching by MOSFET-semiconductors
  • no oscillation through contact bounce
  • no switching noise
  • pulse operation is possible


The price list is available on request.