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transportation of mobile load resistor type ml

Mobile Load Resistors
Wärtsilä JOVYLOAD MOBILE up to 2000 kW


The mobile load banks of the series JOVYLOAD MOBILE are mounted on a trailer. Variable trailer versions are available for both, passenger vehicles and trucks. The load resistors of these series cover the load range up to 2000 kW.

The active load can be combined with inductive or with capacitive load steps.

An extreme constant heat distribution can be achieved in the resistance tunnel, first by the use of special stainless steel with a very low temperature coefficient for the resistor elements and secondly by the effective arrangement of all components. The operation of the resistor units can be done either via conventional switches or via SPS control. The trailer includes the integrated switchgear control.

The installation of all Wärtsilä JOVYLOAD MOBILE systems is carried out according to customer’s requirements. The individual switching stages, cable harnesses as well as operation via remote control are tailored to your needs.


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Dimensions W x H x D :

Wärtsilä JOVYLOAD MOBILE 250, 500, 750:
3000 x 1800 x 1465 mm


Wärtsilä JOVYLOAD MOBILE 1000, 1500:
5700 x 2170 x 2120 mm


Wärtsilä JOVYLOAD MOBILE 2000:                                       5700 x 2900 x 2120 mm


Compact  Design
Remote Control (SPS- Remote Control) up to 1000 m distance
Stainless Resistor Elements in special stainless steel alloying
Very low temperature coefficient



Operation Mode:

continuous operation

Protection Class:

IP 22