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Jovyatlas History

On  December 1st 1945  JOVYATLAS was founded by the engineer Dr. Richard Klaus Jovy. The history of JOVYATLAS is marked by continuity, pioneering spirit and innovative strength. Electronic rectifiers for cinemas, frequency converters, alternating rectifiers and later Systems and hospital emergency power supplies equipment were part of the first product range programme of Dr. Jovy. We still comply with this tradition today.


Our product range is constantly being adapted to modern requirements, with a view to the future. In its over 70-year history JOVYATLAS has developed into the international company it is today – selling on all five continents.



predecessor of JOVYATLAS GmbH is DR.-ING. JOVY, founded on the 1 December 1945 as an individually-owned firm. Entered in the commercial register in 1948. On the 1 January 1960 DR.-ING. JOVY was converted into a limited liability company (GmbH).


On the 4th of May 1979 the company EUROATLAS joined DR.-ING. JOVY GmbH as majority shareholder. The company was renamed as: JOVY-ATLAS SPECHT Stromrichter GmbH and from then on the company was traded under the abbreviation: JAS.


June 1989 JOVY-ATLAS SPECHT Stromrichter GmbH was sold to the American group MagneTek. By means of a German holding company JOVYATLAS became the 100 per cent subsidiary of the MagneTek group. Since then JOVYATLAS traded under the name: MagneTek JovyAtlas GmbH.


April 1995 JOVYATLAS was taken over by the Carlyle Group and renamed JOVYATLAS Elektrische Umformtechnik GmbH. Initially JOVYATLAS was a part of the Power Paragon Group and then later Power Paragon was taken over by SPD Technologies.


Since 1998 JOVYATLAS was belonging to the American L3 enterprise. The L3 concern is an internationally active group and a joint stock company with shares traded on the New York exchange.

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In June 2015 the whole MSI Group including JOVYATLAS was sold by L-3 to the Finnish Wärtsilä Concern.


JOVYATLAS is now present as Wärtsilä JOVYATLAS GmbH.