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Jovyatlas Network Analysis

Is the quality of the energy supply in your operation crucial and of extreme importance? - Then you should not hesitate to carry out a network analysis.
It does not matter whether it is a computer center, an industrial plant or office workstations.
We analyze your network in terms of both the general and UPS supplies. We record your 3-phase energy supply metrologically with our own equipment and track events and anomalies. Loss of quality in terms of network can be caused by switching operations, load change or by nonlinear loads. Insufficient network quality increases the risk of failure for your entire production or for sections of it and can also lead to costly energy wastage.


Our network analysis in detail:


Voltage / Current / Frequency
High frequency interferences in power supply systems can lead to breakdowns in production. By means of a V/C/F analysis, we can analyze and recognize gross interference components in power systems. By determining the crest factor, we can give a power supply system its first assessment in terms of interference.

Drops / Peaks

Drops and peaks in a power supply system can lead to failure in sensitive electronic devices. Switching power supplies can lead to irreparable damage.  By means of this special analysis we can record drops and peaks in the power supply as well as interruptions, fluctuations and peak values. According to EN61000-4-30, fluctuations can be from half a cycle up to a few seconds. In a  3-phase system, the drop or peak begins when the voltage at one or more phases rises or falls over or under a defined threshold. Drops and peaks are characterized by their duration, their size and the time at which they occur. We record drops and peaks and can use our results to locate the source of the failure.



Harmonic currents are periodic distortions of the sine wave from voltage, current or power. Harmonic currents can cause the overheating of transformers, ladders and motors. We record harmonic and inter-harmonic currents. A waveform is a combination of various sine curves with various frequencies and amounts. We record the proportion of each of these components at full signal.


Power / Energy

We localize your energy consumption and provide guidance for improvement. It is possible to detect the overloading of a transformer early on. We can detect apparent power, active power, reactive power, power factor and displacement power factor.

The so-called flicker value measures the brightness variations of lamps that are caused by voltage fluctuations in the power supply. A high flicker value can cause headaches or nausea. Using an algorithm that conforms to the EN61000-4-15 standard, we record all the necessary parameters and can identify what is causing the flickering.

Voltage imbalances lead to extremely asymmetrical currents in the motor stator windings and usually shorten the lifespan of the motor considerably. We record and analyze your power supply system, recognize imbalances and give recommendations for how to avoid them.

Transients are rapid peaks in the voltage or current signal. Transients can have such high energies that sensitive electronic equipment may be disturbed or damaged. Computer systems often restart without any ostensible reason. We can detect transients metrologically and get to the root of their cause. Such measures may help to prevent interference in other devices.


Inrush Currents 
Inrush currents are so-called surge currents that occur when switching from low-impedance load. Inrush currents can interfere with other sensitive devices in use. High current peaks can, for example, trigger disconnectors unexpectedly. We analyze the voltage quality when an inrush current occurs and can use the results to make deductions about the interference in other devices.


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