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If the UPS cannot/should not be connected directly with a PC and if there is a network connection near the UPS system, comprehensive monitoring of the system is possible using an SNMP adapter. The SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a globally valid standard to control hardware, which is connected with a network, and to communicate equipment states across network boundaries. When an SNMP adapter is used, the UPS is assigned its own IP address via the SNMP protocol, by means of which the UPS system can be addressed, monitored and controlled from any PC via a web browser. Wärtsilä JOVYATLAS provides two different designs of SNMP adapters: SNMP adapter via plug-in (for all JOVYTEC P, L and PMS and JOVYSTAR E systems), designation: "CS121BSC" or "CS121SC" SNMP adapter as external system (for all UPS systems with RS232 interface), designation: "CS121L" or "CS121BL"

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