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Jovyatlas USV-Software JUMP

UPS-Software JUMP


JUMP (JOVYATLAS UPS Management Program) software provides customers with a user-friendly and simple interface as a single workstation solution, with which Wärtsilä JOVYATLAS UPS Systems can be controlled and monitored. A requirement for use of JUMP software as monitoring tool is a PC, which is connected directly to the UPS. In addition to monitoring and controlling the UPS, the controlled shutdown of all computers in a network regardless of operating system is possible via the JUMP software (multiserver shutdown). The JUMP software ensures that all users supplied via the UPS are informed about a mains outage and that the operating systems can be shut down in an orderly fashion after an adjustable time or shortly before the cut-off voltage of the batteries. When the JUMP software is used for monitoring a UPS System, the PC used for monitoring is connected directly to the UPS System via an RS-232 interface. The JUMP software can be used both as single workstation version and for networks (homogeneous and heterogeneous). It is sufficient when one of the computers is connected to the UPS. The other computers are notified via the network. Of course, the computers in the data network can have different operating systems.

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