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Jovyatlas Maintenance Programs

Based on our many years of experience, we have developed an efficient and economical service program for our customers. Following the successful completion of a maintenance contract, our specialists assess the functioning of the UPS system, including batteries. Next we cooperate with you to compile a set of measures that will ensure the reliability and availability of your UPS system.

Our maintenance programs offer:

Basis-Design/reddotbild.png Inspection of the UPS systems including battery (according to the time interval as agreed)
Basis-Design/reddotbild.png On-site service within 24 hours (after notice of the failure has been received by our service personnel)
Basis-Design/reddotbild.png Software-updates and preventive maintenance
Basis-Design/reddotbild.png 15% discount for all spare parts, batteries and JOVYATLAS' hourly rates
Basis-Design/reddotbild.png orderly, environmental friendly disposal of used batteries at no charge
Basis-Design/reddotbild.png No charge for travel costs and expenses
Basis-Design/reddotbild.png Telephone support at no charge
Basis-Design/reddotbild.png Replacement of defect expendable parts
Basis-Design/reddotbild.png Replacement of batteries

Please ask our Service Department for an individual offer according to your needs.